Wellcome to my own website

I programmed this site by my self, there are always some pages under construction.

Uhh, don't mind my gamer-slang... after decades of onlinegaming I can't use a normal english anymore >.>


In my blog I'm going to post stuff from holidays or other events. Have a look at it from time to time :D


In my project section you can watch my Anime- and GameMusicVideos and also other stuff like my drawings and tinker projects.


In the Games section ya can find informations about games that I play or did. ofc not all, just few good ones that I can recommend


There's also a part for MikuMikuDance. There you can find informations about it and some works from me.


Last but not least a list of Animes that I can recommend to watch. I extend the list from time to time
Maybe are the EP-Guides by ongoing series not up to date always. sowwy.

Some infos about me:

I live in switzerlad and born 1988
I like games, animes, mangas, programming and bokking (Those stilths with a spring under it^^).
In summer I'm often on a campground on the weekends, we have a fix camper there. It's directly on a lake where we have also a small boat.
ppl are always wellcome for a visit... not only there... in general are visitors wellcome^^
With this site I try to gather and show up my connections to different hobbies and networks. So that ppl who visit my site get to see where else I'm active :D

Youtube: edguy123
mangaforum.org: evul
mmd.forum: evul
LoL: B00bietrap
Lineage 2: Cally
Minecraft: B00bietrap
skype: evulcally

my mail I don't post here... suspicious spybots in the net O.o
greez evul